The Rise Of Heroes is a body of work that represents an era in which Iranian women first revolted for their rights. This body of work incorporates my experiences, feelings, and observations of social incidents that happened during the course of my life as an artist both inside of and outside of Iran. This thesis paper explores the history, culture, and art that I was inspired by to give the visual form to my emotions. These elements clarify the use of traditional art and culture in my Paintings. The research for this body of work originated with my interests involving the value and place of Persian women, culture, and art from the ancient world as they were seen, prior to the revolution. The investigation of how social and cultural freedoms, especially as they pertain to women, were abandoned and oppressed by religion, authorities, and societies became the subject of further research in my thesis. The invasion of Persian culture by Arabic and Islamic culture and how these affected women in the society is significant within this research. “The Rise of Heroes” is a series of paintings with women’s figures surrounded by Persian cultural elements and aspects of mythology with colorful environment. The aesthetics of these works are intended entice viewers to enter into images and environments that deal with the bitter reality of what is occurring in contemporary Iranian culture today.

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