This thesis project describes a Head User Display for athletic swimmers who have trouble perfecting their techniques without the aid of a coach. In any sport, athletes always have improved technique and speed because there is always an instructor, advisor, and coach to give wisdom, critiques, and advice for the pros and cons. However, there are some cases where an athlete will have to train on their own without the aid of their coach. The problem especially for swimming, is that in some sports athletes will not be aware of the mistakes they are making while performing the drills. Without the advice from a coach, they keep making the same mistakes repeatedly without realizing it. To resolve this problem for swimming, I designed visual meters displayed within the goggles that will monitor the motions and movements of the user while they are performing their drills. For this project, a swimmer doing a 50-meter free-style drill will wear the design goggles which will display 5 key information for the user to keep in mind while performing the drill. Once the swimmer has completed the drill, they will have the options to either view a simplified overview of how well they did in the drill, or they can rewatch the recorded visual motions to identify the mistakes they were making over the course of the drill. With this design goggles, swimmers will be able to improve their techniques and perform more effectively without the aid of a coach. Hence why they are dubbed “Coach Goggles”.

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Swimming--Coaching--Interactive multimedia--Design; Head-up displays--Design; Eyewear--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Mike Strobert


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