In a world grappling with the scourge of psychological violence, particularly gaslighting, in intimate relationships, the "Amulet" project presents a visionary design solution. Positioned at the intersection of emotional abuse and technology, the project conceptualizes Amulet as a biometric system embodied in a hypothetical skin tattoo and extendable across digital devices. The Amulet project explores the potential role of design in challenging and addressing this insidious form of abuse. The core elements of the project include designing a unique brand identity for Amulet and the creation of a user-friendly interface that offers an intuitive and empowering user experience. The designed system envisions using artificial intelligence and biometric data processing to detect emotional responses and manipulative language patterns. In creating a system capable of identifying and alerting users to psychological manipulation, the project imagines a tool that could empower victims to recognize and resist gaslighting, helping them reclaim their autonomy. The brand and UI/UX design aim to imbue users with a sense of safety, understanding, and control, offering a conceptual escape pathway from the shadowy maze of emotional abuse. While Amulet remains an imaginative design, it provides a catalyst for discourse around the intersection of technology, psychology, and feminist dialogue. This innovative proposal underscores the potential role of design in combating psychological violence and contributes to the forward-thinking vision of a more equitable society.

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Psychological abuse--Prevention; Wearable technology--Design; User interfaces (Computer systems)--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Mike Strobert


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