Technological advancement in human resources and the adoption of artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning help HR leaders become strategic leaders. Automation helps in engaging employees and improving their work experience. Human resource is an important part of an organization and before covid epidemic the human resource department works manually and in an office environment completely. However, due to covid-19 pandemic has raised the demand for working online and implementing digital transformation ways. There is a high demand for working virtually or what is called hybrid working, simple-to-use technology that can be accessible at anytime from anywhere. Human resource employees face difficulties and challenges initially in adopting the new working environment and the transformation of using technology but get habitual by time. In the start, the employee productivity gets affected and decreases which affect the organization. By the time when the employee starts to get habitual their productivity level increases and improves the organization's revenue. Automation can either influence the employee productivity level and performance or lead to an unemployment rate. The COVID-19 situation is still developing and in terms of a significant impact on society as a whole rather than a pandemic or disease. The current covid pandemic seems to be a stressful condition for Human Resources and Human Resources technology, exposing previously unidentified shortcomings and utilizing innovative new digital solutions. The pandemic increases the demand for virtual working; strong demand for virtual working, simple and clear. The project objectives revolve around. The goal is to assess how the digital revolution affects performance and to pinpoint its core benefits in order to enhance/improve the research Model. In this project, it has been presented the analysis of data which is related to the effect of covid-19 on the Human resources department/employees. Primary quantitative research will be conducted for this project to analyse the data, which will be represented in graphical representation. Moving towards Digitalization in human resources it has become important for organizations during Covid-19 pandemic to keep their organization continuity and cover up their losses.

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