Pornography is a media phenomenon that has either educated or plagued the minds of young adolescence and teens, the topics that involve sex. Stated in a paper with (Lewczuk, K) [pornography usage has seen a rapid three times increase]; “(310%) between October 2004 and October 2016–starting from an estimated 2.76 million in the first period to 8.54 million.” The rise of pornography usage has thus caused new cases of Porn Addiction. What may seem like harmless addiction, pornography identifies as a new drug consumed by heterosexual men, and some women primarily consume it. According to studies, from (Kuer 90.1.), people have claimed a person would "rather be labeled as a heroin addict than a porn addict”. In general, addiction recovery is considered one of the most challenging and complex battles to overcome in a person's life. In the first week of quitting, the individual can soon realize how much their mind and body depend on their pornographic fix to live their life. It is an alarming discovery to learn one's own addiction, but it's the first step to getting back to the life they want to live, free from addictions. The project discussed in this paper will focus on identifying and bringing awareness to those recovering from porn addiction to make a product in this field that may help individuals suffering from this addiction. My goal was to explore the areas of addiction in the psychological, social-economical, physical, and mental health areas and apply a practice treatment method for individuals with porn addiction. For this process to succeed, I contacted health experts at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Mental Health & Wellness Centers. The people I interviewed and surveyed ranged from attendees of online forums that are seen as anonymous support groups and experts in Addiction Recovery and Neurology. I conducted surveys on different chat forms to keep the person's identity anonymous. As a clarification, the purpose of the project is not to not find a "cure" for said addiction but to help bring awareness and behavioral change to the individual.

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Pornography--Psychological aspects; Sex addiction--Treatment; Acceptance and commitment therapy; Application software--Development

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