The goal of this capstone project is to investigate how interior design elements can enhance customers’ interest in fast fashion retail stores’ in-person experience after the COVID-19 pandemic. To answer the research question, this capstone is organized into three parts which are the literature review, research agenda, and creative agenda. First, the literature review section of this manuscript examines consumer behavior and changes in fast fashion brands before and after the pandemic. The goal of the literature review is to understand four questions: 1) What are changes in consumer behavior after COVID-19? 2) Why are fast fashion brands retailing being more affected by the pandemic? 3) What is fast fashion? 4) What are the design considerations used in the design of fast fashion retail? Second, the research agenda utilizes online surveys and in-person store interviews to find out what customers need and how to attract them to the fast fashion retail store when they return to the in-person shopping experience after the COVID-19 pandemic. Case studies in the research agenda suggest that an important strategy to attract more consumers to do in-person shopping after the COVID-19 pandemic is to give customers a unique in-store experience they cannot experience online. Third, the creative agenda is the result of all the knowledge acquired through research applied to a realistic context. All the diagrams, 3D models, and graphics provide a broad idea for solutions to create a unique retail space and promote practical design methods to all the knowledge acquired through research applied to the realistic context. The site chosen for the capstone project is in the East View Mall in Rochester, NY, to house a concept store that combines retail, museum, and café. The creative agenda used evidence-based design strategies to create a fast fashion flagship store for the UNIQLO brand. This design project demonstrates how interior design can draw more customers to the retail store after the COVID-19 pandemic. By creating a unique in-person experience that includes a glass art exhibition in the center of the store, a café area, and a DIY station and bring customers an attractive and welcoming shopping environment

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Senior Project

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Interior Design (BFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Isabella Trindade

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