Which? is a 2D animation of a young witch, who looks like the typical witch with her black robe and her bony face. She is trying to find her prince charming from a dating app. The witch keeps scrolling on the mirror. Suddenly, a prince's profile gets her attention. The prince is tall and handsome.She falls in love with the prince at first sight. However, the prince's profile shows that he only loves a princess, who has beautiful long hair and a delicate face. The witch decides to change herself to look like a princess. The witch’s little friends, such as frogs, spiders, and mice, try to help the witch to change herself. They not only change the witch’s bony face to a round and beautiful face, they also make her chubby body look curvy. Eventually, she does not look like a witch anymore. Now she looks like the ideal type for the prince. She builds up the courage to send the prince a friend invitation. Unfortunately, she accidentally falls over before she gives the invitation to the prince. The witch looks terrible when she gets up from the ground. Her awful looking scared the prince. The prince not only rejects the witch’s invitation, but also leaves. When the witch is immersing herself in the sadness of the rejection, another handsome guy pops up on the dating app. The witch falls in love again with the new handsome guy with a twinkle in her eyes. The witch wants to change herself again to become the ideal type of the new handsome guy. However, people will never find their true love if they are not being themselves.

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Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique; Witches--Drama; Online dating--Drama; Self-acceptance--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


Mari Jaye Blanchard

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Thomas Gasek

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Peter Murphey


RIT – Main Campus

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