Passively controlled reconfigurable antennas are desirable for their relatively inexpensive cost compared to the intensive implementation of RF integrated circuits. Extensive research continues to go into structures utilizing frequency selective metamaterials and their applications in reconfigurable antennas in order to find alternatives to active components. Composite left/right-handed transmission lines (CLRH-TLs), consisting of series capacitors and shunt inductors, are one such structure that is capable of operating as a left-handed transmission line at select frequencies. In this thesis, we propose and investigate a unique frequency selective open circuit utilizing CLRH-TLs that operates as an electrical open and a transmission line at two different frequencies, as well as a quadrature hybrid that is configured with these structures to create the required power and phase distribution for dual linear and dual circular polarizations at four different frequencies. The frequency selective open circuit is verified through simulation and validated through prototyping. The modified quadrature hybrid is integrated in the feed system of an dual linear polarized aperture coupled square microstrip patch antenna that is set in a stacked arrangement to increase the bandwidth to 17% (10.7-12.7GHz). Equivalent circuits to the modified quadrature hybrid demonstrate the four polarizations at four frequencies.

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Microstrip antennas; Strip transmission lines; Metamaterials; Passive components

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Department of Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering (KGCOE)


Jayanti Venkataraman

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Gill Tsouri

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Sohail Dianat


RIT – Main Campus

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