I often have dreams in which I’m chased or followed. Sometimes there’s an urgent life-threatening pace where I’m running from a pursuer. Often, it’s slower and less immediate, and in some cases, I don’t turn around to see if someone is behind me. The feeling of being followed is enough to keep me moving. On Groundless Fears is a photographic series that focuses on subconscious anxieties where the root causes are not readily apparent to us. Untethered from reality, these fears loom and seep into the mundane. The setting of an American suburb is meant to be familiar and unsuspecting; however, an eerie silence permeates throughout the photographs noticeably absent of people. Harsh flash and distorted reflections reveal psychological landscapes with shadows concealing, fences obstructing, and houses hiding.

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Photography, Artistic--Themes, motives; Suburban homes in art; Anxiety in art

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Photography and Related Media (MFA)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CAD)


Ahndraya Parlato

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Juan Orrantia


RIT – Main Campus

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