Traffic congestion is the primary concern in dense cities; while the increased number of automobiles is becoming uncontrollable in some cities, it is more challenging to manage or change how people use cars. To contribute to solving traffic congestion in cities, this project examines the study of transferring vehicles to be competent in a way that can help the government entities analyze the received vehicles’ data and for better decisions on reducing traffic congestion as well as the real-time monitoring of traffic wherever it is located using the Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication methodology. This study proposes a hardware “system” that can be attached to any vehicle to collect real-time data from vehicles and communicate with the Road and Transportation Authority. The hardware system, however, is connected to the cars through a wireless On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) connection in favor of collecting all the necessary information from the vehicle, such as the car speed and Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) data. On the other hand, a GPS sensor is used to inquire about the vehicle’s location, a GSM module to make sure the device is always connected to the internet for data transmission, a LiDAR sensor for distance and safety measurement, and a camera module accessed only by the driver for object detection such as cars, pedestrians, traffic signs, damaged roads, and road hazards. Moreover, system updates and maintenance can be done remotely to reduce the number of visits to the traffic department since all devices are to be connected to a single platform. As a result, it was possible to create a prototype for a single vehicle, including the sensors mentioned above, returning valuable data that include vehicle speed and exact location, which will help future researchers develop an application platform to monitor and track traffic congestion in real time.

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Traffic congestion--Management; Mobile communication systems; Vehicle-infrastructure integration

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Professional Studies - City Sciences (MS)

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Graduate Programs & Research (Dubai)


Sanjay Modak

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Ioannis Karamitsos


RIT Dubai

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