Depression is a mental problem characterised by unusual changes in the mood of a person, accompanied by a temporary different emotional response to everyday changes in the phenomena (WHO, 2020). Affected people suffer greatly, hence functioning poorly in the workplace, school, or at home in a family setup. Even though the public is well aware of its existence, there is little going on to combat this condition. Amongst the various stumbling blocks towards achieving an effective approach to address the problem include limited resources and associated well-trained personnel to help the victims.

A mental disorder associated with social stigma and misdiagnosis is the greatest challenge that hinders the steps to address depression. This is a common challenge in developing countries especially low-income families where depressed persons are wrongly diagnosed or misdiagnosed. As a consequence, they are given the wrong prescriptions for antidepressants. Due to the steady rise in the case of depression reported in the recent past, many efforts have been made to allow country-level attention to the disorder in a coordinated and comprehensive approach.

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