With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a multitude of normalities in individuals' lives had to change to continue moving forward. The world began to embrace new technologies that allowed individuals to be connected while physically apart. One of the most embraced technologies was teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is not a new technology with the first primitive form being created in 1968, however, it was not until the world had to embrace teleconferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic did the technologies became a common part of everyday life. The term Zoom is now synonymous with video chatting and conferencing becoming a part of society's lexicon similar to the terms Xerox and Band-Aid. Zoom has begun to reshape how individuals communicate. Teleconferencing has created a new mode of communication to be explored adding to the extensive list of emerging technologies that have expanded virtual communication. With emerging technologies, it is critical to explore communication apprehension's effect in these new terrains. Communication apprehension (CA) is the extent to which individuals feel fear or anxiety while communicating or prior to communicating. Teleconferencing environments have changed the way individuals experience communication apprehension. This study seeks to explore the impact of teleconferencing technologies and how communication apprehension manifests itself in online scenarios. This study will use qualitative research methods since there has been little research on video conferencing and communication apprehension. By understanding how communication apprehension occurs in teleconferencing, society can better understand ways to reduce this apprehension and refine their communication skills.

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Speech anxiety; Videoconferencing--Psychological aspects

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