Drawing From the Past is a short, 3D animated film that portrays the different thoughts about drawing between two generations and is based on my personal experience. Some art students get less encouragement from their families than other students. In Asian traditional thinking, majoring in art was not the correct career direction, which is correct in that period, because of the economy. Majoring in art means students need to pay more money than other majors. In addition, art is not necessary for some people who worry about food. In the previous period, many people worry about their lives. That means it is hard for art students to find a job. However, with the development of the economy, society has started focusing on spiritual satisfaction. Art is a good method to achieve this goal. In this animation, a woman prevents her daughter from drawing based on the traditional education she got from her mother. The daughter insists on drawing, although her mother keeps stopping her. The effort of the girl reminds the woman of her childhood. The woman loved drawing, but her mother also forced her to learn medicine. At her graduation ceremony, she is the only one who is unhappy. Her daughter’s actions move her. This film discusses which is suitable for the current situation when traditional and modern thoughts disagree. The film ends with the mother agreeing with her daughter’s dream and supporting her. The conventional thought broke from the mother’s generation. The mother did not major in what she loves. Therefore, she wants her daughter tomajor in her favorite thing.

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Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique; Mother and child--China--Drama; Art--Study and teaching (Higher)--Drama

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