When the pandemic first hit China in full force, almost everyone was forced to quarantine where they were at the time. But there were many people who were on business trips, visiting relatives and traveling in cities far from home. So a few months after the quarantine began. News spread that some pets died of starvation or depression at home alone because their owners were quarantined in other cities and could not return home. There were some enthusiastic people who helped neighbors feed their cats through the balcony, and volunteers who tried to enter the home to take care of the pets. But it's still a drop in the bucket. So I hope to help all pet owners create a system that not only ensures the daily needs of their pets, but also the health of their pets by recording data on their daily activities. Through this system, the owner can keep an eye on the pet's movement and life even if he is far away.

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Pet sitting--Interactive multimedia--Design; Mobile apps--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Mike Strobert


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