The Little Boy Who Became a Cow is a retelling of an age-old Korean folktale. My adaptation tells the story of a stubbornly selfish boy who lacks respect for his mother. One morning his mother breaks a jar of milk after she is unable to open the lid. They argue after he overtly ignores his mother’s request for help cleaning up the mess. She forces him to head to the nearby farm to get some fresh milk where his selfish ways lead him to steal a magical mask that turns him into a cow. He, in his bovine form, is led into the field where he is forced to till the fields. He ends the day in sweat and tears wishing to return to the warm comfort of his home and the love of his mother. In the evening, the gate to the pen creaks open and the boy is able to escape back home. He peers in through the window and witnesses his mother crying as she cleans; waiting for her son to come home. The boy collapses in the backyard out of sadness and exhaustion. During the night he is magically returned to his human form. In the morning, his mother discovers him in the backyard. The boy is overjoyed to be returned back to his mother in his human form and from that day on he never took his mother for granted and never again hesitated to help her around the house.

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Computer animation--Technique; Virtual reality; Tales--Korea--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


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