Another Cookie is an animated 3D graduate thesis film. It is based on a personal story about a girl who loses her grandfather and learning to live with the lessons he left behind. She has help overcoming this grief from a spirit that represents the humor and happiness of the relationship between the girl and her grandfather. Cookies are at the heart of this story. In the film, there is a plate of cookies at the end of a table full of baking items. Two characters start taking cookies from the plate. A girl and her grandpa are holding a cookie in each hand, cherishing the moment. We then find out this is just a memory and the mood of the story changes to the girl’s grief. She is packing up a box of items which include recipes, photos, a spatula, and more. Once she closes the box, a spirit appears. It interacts with some items in the box and then eventually looks outside the box. It sees the girl sad and hopes to cheer her up. After a failed first attempt, the spirit kicks a soccer ball towards the girl. The girl kicks the ball away, hitting the shelf that the box is on, and it comes tumbling down. The girl is left to pick up the contents of the box and to face her grief. She gathers the contents, including a cookie recipe and a spatula. She goes to the counter and starts baking. When the cookies are done, she picks one up and goes for another, but hesitates. The spirit brings the attention of the girl to a photo of her and her grandpa with cookies in each hand. This inspires her to grab another cookie and to start living with the lessons her grandpa left behind.

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Computer animation--Technique; Computer animation--Themes, motives; Grief--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


Kevin Bauer

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Nathan Sawyer

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Meghdad Asadi


RIT – Main Campus

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