Mythos is an animated TV series pitch created by Mattea Guldy and Selma Peña. The pitch consists of a pitch deck, a set of 3 scripts, and an animated proof of concept. I worked on the art for the pitch deck as well as the animated proof of concept, while Selma worked on the writing of the pitch deck and the set of 3 scripts. The ultimate goal of our series is to explore the themes of self-love and appreciation through the lens of friendship and comedy. Utilizing mythical creatures as a vessel for a universal appeal to any demographic who goes through experiences of feeling like an outcast. Our series reflects the concept of how our individual differences create value and that you don’t have to change yourself to love who you are. Primarily we wanted to target the tween-to-teen demographic, but also allow audiences of any age to enjoy the series and learn important life lessons. Proof of Concept Story Abstract The film begins with a fairy, faun, and unicorn hanging around a pond enjoying each other’s company. Marina is a teenage fairy feeling lost in the world, Enki is a Unicorn obsessed with his nonexistent horn, and Demetri the faun is obsessing over humans again. Marina and Demetri begin bickering about who closed the portal to Earth 1000 years ago when their friend Kodama pays them a visit. Enki reminds Marina that it was her family’s fault for the portal closing between their world and Earth. Enki notices a shiny new necklace adorning Marina's neck that he’s never seen before. Demetri chimes in that he wants to have a look at the relic. After reciting the words on the back of the necklace the ground shakes and a portal emerges from the water. The group decides to go through the portal and ends up on what they suspect is Earth. They come upon a group that seems to consist of a wizard, a maiden, and a knight. They hide in the bushes while the wizard casts a fire spell that startles them. The camera reveals the group Marina and her friends were observing are actually attending a present-day renaissance fair.

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