This study seeks to analyze what type of impact the global ICT supply chain trends, apparent in the last two and a half years, have had in Kosovo. Specifically, the study will focus on two areas, the global shortage of electronic chips, affecting the hardware sector, and a rise in demand for software, due to the transition of working from home following the recent COVID- 19 pandemic. A parallel will be drawn between the global trends and Kosovo. The research methodology is comprised of a combination of primary and secondary data. Primary data has been collected through interviews with representatives from various businesses in Kosovo, and a survey distributed to students and employees in different industries. Secondary data has been acquired through literature review, providing a reflection of the global situation in both sectors. The results of the primary data support the ones from secondary data, showing that Kosovo has in fact been heavily impacted by the global supply chain trends. Businesses operating in industries that sell products or provide services that require electronic chips have felt the impact of the global shortage, creating a domino effect that caused other issues, such as having to change the way they handle their inventory, the way they do marketing, and even begin prioritizing some clients over others. On the other hand, there is a notable increase in the usage of software for work or school activities, ensuing from the need to operate from a home environment.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj


RIT Kosovo