This study quantifies the impact of an identified major step in the process of significant contribution to the transformation of Sharjah into a carbon-neutral city by the year 2035. This identified step applies to the concept of waste segregation at the residential sector source which means that the waste generators, i.e. Sharjah residents, are required to segregate the waste that they generate in their houses while disposing it. The march towards a carbon neutral city means driving the carbon dioxide emissions of the city to reach net-zero. This requires the UAE adopt this concept to ensure that the emitted amount of carbon dioxide is equal to the amount of removed carbon dioxide. One of the best methods for increasing the recovery rate from generated domestic waste is applying the concept of waste segregation at source. Waste collection is considered as a relevant activity in the field of reverse logistics. The term reverse logistics include all the operations that are related to the materials and products reuse. This study will focus on the smart transformation of domestic waste collection service as well as improving the rate of recovery from domestic waste in Sharjah city. This study also emphasizes the field of waste management services and processes in Bee’ah Company which is the sole entity in-charge of fully handling the municipal solid waste in Sharjah. The current method of waste collection used in most cities around the world is the constant waste collection route and this method was introduced in the 1800s. In order to obtain the view and perceptions of people on the impact of carbon neutral city, structured responses from 100 respondents using the mixed method approach was collected along with 10 managerial workers responses using qualitative method of a partially structured interview that was conducted. Additionally, this study discusses the transformational capabilities for an innovative transformation of Domestic Solid Waste Collection and Recovery Services using digital transformation utilities.

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Refuse and refuse disposal--United Arab Emirates--Shariqah; Salvage (Waste, etc.)--United Arab Emirates--Shariqah; Carbon dioxide mitigation--United Arab Emirates--Shariqah

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Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)


Phillippa Thiuri


RIT Dubai

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