(Un)Tethered is an exploration of my tendency to simultaneously build and deconstruct metaphorical structures throughout my life. This written thesis discusses visual metaphors implemented within the installation and prints, such as line and pattern, which represent my personal idiosyncrasies. These elements are realized as motifs such as step ladders, organic matter, and fibrous materials (crocheted, knotted, frayed, etc.) symbolizing my need for a thoroughly calculated life. Fibrous materials are ideal for representing my obsessive tendencies as they are continuous and malleable. One strand of torn fabric can be wrapped countless times around the crocheted form beneath, symbolizing a compulsion with organization and order. Step ladders and natural elements such as trees and reeds symbolize literal structures both manmade and organic. Each of these metaphorical elements come together to build the foundation for the whole piece, which is constructed through an abundance of preparation as well as intuitive happenings during the making. I place an emphasis on allowing the work to adapt throughout the process rather than having preconceived expectations, which contrasts with my usual tendencies towards excessive planning. Through words I explore my concepts and intentions which evolved throughout the process of creating this series of visual artworks. Viewers and readers experience my attempts to break-free from foundations I myself have built, essentially un-tethering myself from my own impulses.

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Fiberwork--Themes, motives; Soft sculpture--Themes, motives; Painting--Themes, motives; Prints--Themes, motives

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Fine Arts Studio (MFA)

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School of Art (CAD)


Emily Glass

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Eileen Bushnell

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Denton Crawford


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