By acting as a succinct summary, keywords and key phrases can be a useful tool for swiftly assessing enormous amounts of textual material. A "keyword" is defined as a "word that briefly and accurately characterises the subject, or an aspect of the subject, presented in a text," according to the International Encyclopaedia of Information and Library Science (Bolger et al., 1989) (Feather et al., 1996). People are more likely to complain when they are anxious, according to research (Bolger et al., 1989)(Meier et al., 2013), and moods are affected by time (Ryan et al., 2010). Due to this study, airlines will have a tool to calibrate and judge the positivity/negativity of tweets based on the day of the week, which is a topic that has yet to be researched. We want to do text and sentiment analysis on extracted airline travel tweets, taking into account when the tweet was ‘tweeted’ and if it had a good or negative impact.

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