Psychology is the Study of Human Behavior and the various ways of thinking in it’s both consciousness and unconsciousness mind as this field is still growing to various fields such as Sports, Criminal and even Administrative Psychology through, Furthermore, This Study aims to shape and accommodate both fields of Sciences together, There are very few Scholars and Researches done on Medical Mental Health from a Data Analytics perspective, examining the datasets of the patients ICD-11 or DSM-5 scores and correlating it with the patients well-being, family medical history or any accident the patient have been through, so the current study approaches these strategies and enable the practitioners to discover the patients vulnerability of mental illness through data analytics, the literature review represented in this research provided an insight of the world practices and methodological examinations are being executed in approaching the patients through their care centers and illustrating the severeness of the Mental Illness the revising the risk factors that might lead the patients to even worst conditions, The Capstone Projects will analyze the influence of pandemics on the population's mental health, The Second question will reveal the most important characteristics that may turn a mentally healthy individual into a mental patient. Data Analysis and Data Mining Methods were used to translate Tweets and Internet Searches of Human Interactions into data to detect their Mental Health Condition and assess the inmate's greatest causes to encounter any sort of mental illness.

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