My work is about how, as microplastic invades the earth, humans begin evolving, following the laws of natural selection. Plastic is attached in visual relationships to represent future mutations after decades of absorbing microplastic into the body. Many contemporary films and books discuss cyberpunk and steampunk from an evolutionary perspective. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and mechanical organ transplantation allow humans to evolve. However, I do not want to discuss the impacts of external technology. Instead, I am concerned with how the intrusion of microplastics influences humanity’s slow self-evolution. I divide my work into different stages to explore how humans could evolve to integrate microplastics. In my thesis, I have crafted wearable jewelry, interactive life-size, and kinetic body sculptures that symbolize supporting aspects of microplastic evolution. I used different expression techniques and layouts to distinguish how these aspects are embodied at different stages. Interactivity is also central to my thesis. I wish to persuade the audience to believe in the development of microplastics, and installation art can help me accomplish this. Regarding the choice of materials in my collection, most of them are, of course, finished with plastics, and resin, silicone, metal, wood, and glass enrich the materials. Decay is another metaphor I employ in my theory. I apply design elements such as repetition, rhythm, contrast, and balance. I also extracted the most common colors in plastic pollution. They are transparent, matte, and metallic, creating a sharp contrast.

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Wearable art--Themes, motives; Kinetic sculpture--Themes, motives; Microplastics; Human evolution--Forecasting--Pictorial works

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Metals and Jewelry Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CAD)


Leonard Urso

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Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez

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John Aasp


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