Research in Neural Networks is becoming more popular each year. Re- search has introduced different ways to utilize Neural Networks, but an important aspect is missing: Testing. There are only 16 papers that strictly address Testing Neural Networks with a majority of them focusing on Deep Neural Networks and a small part on Recurrent Neural Networks. Testing Re- current neural networks is just as important as testing Deep Neural Networks as they are used in products like Autonomous Vehicles. So there is a need to ensure that the recurrent neural networks are of high quality, reliable, and have the correct behavior. For the few existing research papers on the testing of recurrent neural networks, they only focused on LSTM or GRU recurrent neural network architectures, but more recurrent neural network architectures exist such as MGU, UGRNN, and Delta-RNN. This means we need to see if ex- isting test metrics works for these architectures or do we need to introduce new testing metrics. For this paper we have two objectives. First, we will do a comparative analysis of the 16 papers with research in Testing Neural Networks. We define the testing metrics and analyze the features such as code availability, programming languages, related testing software concepts, etc. We then perform a case study with the Neuron Coverage Test Metric. We will conduct an experiment using unoptimized RNN models trained by a tool within EXAMM, a RNN Framework and optimized RNN Models trained and optimized using ANTS. We compared the Neuron Coverage Outputs with the assumption that the Optimized Models will perform better.

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Neural networks (Computer science)--Testing; Computer network architectures

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