Ground soldiers in extremely cold environments could easily suffer terrible foot conditions because of the wet environment inside their boots produced by generated perspiration. The current winter military boot products on the market focus more on warmth and weather protection, eliminating moist air and functional design is lacking in winter boot products. A military boot system is proposed that will absorb and eliminate foot perspiration and provide a warm and comfortable environment for feet. This proposed design is to add an airflow system to the midsole of the shoe, pushing the air inside the shoe by naturally squeezing the airbag located at the heel when the foot moves. After footwear prototype experiments, this system allows the temperature of the foot, which has been heating up due to exercise, to drop significantly within the closed shoe compartment environment, significantly improving comfort and reducing sweat production. With this tested airflow system, soldiers can constantly allow airflow to the foot during dynamic training, keeping the inside of the foot dry without expending external capacity. Even when the soldier is at rest, airflow can be generated by a removable external fan and disposable heating pads can be used to generate thermal airflow to the foot when it is cold.

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Boots--Technological innovations; Physical education and training, Military--Technological innovations; Soldiers--Health and hygiene; Foot--Wounds and injuries--Prevention; Perspiration--Prevention

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