This writing is intended to analyze, document, and examine the success of my efforts to develop and execute concepts that incorporate humor utilizing furniture, sculpture, painting, arrangement, found objects, repetition, tromp-lœil, itemization, numerals, transposition, and written word. These efforts are done within a gallery setting established as the main presentation method. Goals, intentions, origins, inspiration and execution of each specific piece, as well as the body of work as a whole will be discussed. The language used throughout this document is intended to be concise and direct, as to dictate concepts and analysis as clearly as possible in order to reach readers across as wide of a spectrum of knowledge as possible. I present my work with the strong belief that it meets the criteria of a thesis body of work in that it is truly original to the best of my knowledge and research, and that it constitutes a unique contribution to the chosen field of study.

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Furniture design; Mixed media sculpture; Found objects (Art); Wit and humor in art; Words in art

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Furniture Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CAD)


Andy Buck

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Rolf Hoeg

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Daniel Larkin


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