The art of the Expo event is the bloom in the economy of the country where it is hosted along with the collaboration among the various areas of the country. Dubai availed the privilege of hosting Expo 2020. Dubai being a center of attention for tourist attraction and the growth in its economy, took pride in hosting the event while working on themes and ways to make the event stand out. Expo is known to bring visitors from around the world to one country for a duration of six months where the visitors are provided with an opportunity to enjoy the prestigious setup and festivities. While the event is successful in its ability to bring together people and work towards the enhancement of the economy in terms of the investments made and profits earned, one drawback resonates in the ways the energy is consumed. When focusing on Dubai as the host of the event, several key factors that are highlighted are the usage of various Expos and infrastructures to create a connection among communities while being able to accomplish and abide by the set goal and themes. However, in doing so the energy consumption seems to rise where several natural resources are used as well as impact on the environment is made. Thus, this report focuses on incorporating an econometric model to gain an insight to the growing energy demand. The model allows the user to evaluate the individual energy consumption demands by each of the involved infrastructures to reach a conclusion about the collective energy requirement. The proposal is then able to make suggestions about the ways that can be incorporated to limit the energy usage or to manage it in a wiser way.

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