Nowadays there are many technologies being developed worldwide, and people should keep abreast of new technologies and developments. In addition, many companies are focusing on developing new features and technologies for cameras in several sectors. It’s very important to have cameras in public places, schools or hospitals. For instance, in these public places they need to install cameras that recognize image processing, avoiding recording people’s information and data, when the crime happened, or for safety purposes. On the other hand, CCTV cameras pose risks since we don’t know who is monitoring the screen, and this sensitive footage can be shared with others. Normal cameras can face issues in storing videos who monitor the screen, and it’s easy to share information. Also in the street, the camera should read the details of the cars. These cameras should not only be placed in public areas such as schools and hospitals, but it’s also very important to have it at home. Furthermore, with Artificial Intelligence the technologies have been changed, and human minds are changing. Nowadays AI can be used for several things, which I will separate below. It’s not only for monitoring, it can be used for safety for example, or to facilitate education, even in fashion, retailers can be benefits from AI cameras. On the other hand, people are not aware of AI cameras since they are new to the public and they’re different than normal cameras because they analyze the video without human intervention somehow. Instead, the challenges that the project will address are how many sectors can benefit from using artificial intelligence cameras, as well as the benefits of using them in public areas. This project will address the issues and how the UAE can benefit from applying AI cameras properly. Moreover, a set of questions will be answered by different people to know their opinions. After that, the solution will be shown at the end and how other countries implemented AI cameras in their sectors.

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