People naturally love beauty, beautiful views, and a beautiful environment. Beauty is the human eye that makes him happy and brings pleasure to his heart. If sport feeds the body and science feeds the mind, then beauty feeds the soul and the mind, all the beauty around us feeds the brain that has a positive impact on human life, and the distortion that we encounter in our life has a negative impact on us. Therefore, visual pollution is defined as, everything that is inconsistent with the beauty of the environment that surrounds us which create a harmful change for the environment, and every distortion that harms a person's eyes and causes him discomfort and psychological anxiety in the long run, so that he loses the aesthetic sense around him, by replacing the beautiful scenes with conflicting and inconsistent ones. For my smart application, the name “Mandhar” was selected. Mandhar in Arabic dictionary means the view that relaxes the soul, and what the eye falls on, either wonders or gets worse. This project is focused on the beauty of the environment and the city view which affect the human life. The project will deal with some of the necessary information regarding the implementation or propose an application that will help clean the Muhaisnah area in Dubai and make the city Safe and sound. Visual pollution deals with the occurrence of vandalism, electricity damages, or excess dumping of wastes like beach wastes, building wastes, graffiti, stray animals, neglected cars & etc. The project will thus provide clear identification of the usage of this app along with coming up with possible solutions that will help in making the country safe and free of every damage. The project has been built based on identifying the statement of the problem, along with providing a detailed background of the problem. All possible methods have also been identified that will lead to analyzing the process of the project.

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Sanjay Modak

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RIT Dubai