The outbreak of the Global Pandemic Covid-19 that spread terribly across various countries from the end of 2019, has severely altered people’s life and economy. Various reports across papers and news articles on how each government was managing the costs of vaccines, medical equipment, and necessities. The world saw shifts in stock markets, unemployment, the tourism industry completely coming to a standstill, and more. Has this Covid Pandemic which played a crucial role within geographical boundaries altered the financial transactions across countries on a higher level? With the help of the statistics available with the Bank of International Settlements, this project aims to analyze the cross-border lending pattern across countries. This can be analyzed with the help of Complex Network analysis. The network reflects the data where the nodes are the countries and bilateral links correspond to credit linkages. Using various topological network measures such as Degree, Strength, Clustering coefficient, and Polya Filter, we can analyze the financial interconnectedness and the possibility of change in network patterns during times of crisis such as Covid-19. This will help to find a correlation between this sudden worldwide crisis and the lending market among banks.

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Master's Project

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Sanjay Modak

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Giulia De Masi


RIT Dubai