Due to the unprecedented number of cars being purchased and sold, used car price prediction is a topic of high interest. Because of the affordability of used cars in developing countries, people tend more purchase used cars. A primary objective of this project is to estimate used car prices by using attributes that are highly correlated with a label (Price). To accomplish this, data mining technology has been employed. Null, redundant, and missing values were removed from the dataset during pre-processing. In this supervised learning study, three regressors (Random Forest Regressor, Linear Regression, and Bagging Regressor) have been trained, tested, and compared against a benchmark dataset. Among all the experiments, the Random Forest Regressor had the highest score at 95%, followed by 0.025 MSE, 0.0008 MAE, and 0.0378 RMSE respectively. In addition to Random Forest Regression, Bagging Regression performed well with an 88% score, followed by Linear Regression having an 85% mark. A train-test split of 80/20 with 40 random states was used in all experiments. The researchers of this project anticipate that in the near future, the most sophisticated algorithm is used for making predictions, and then the model will be integrated into a mobile app or web page for the general public to use.

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