Introduction to vision and perception has been a fundamental topic for students from varied majors in college. Students who study Biology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Visual Design, need to learn about the visual pathway before they dive into more specific research topics. This thesis intends to create a 3D animation to assist professors explaining the complex process of the visual pathway. The target audience for this project is undergraduate students majoring in color science. My goal of this animation is to introduce students to the complicated anatomy of the retinal structure and the molecular pathway of the photoreceptors to demonstrate visual perception. Different functions and structures of rods and cone cells are highlighted, followed by a zoomed-in view of the rod membrane proteins to show the activation of the photoreceptor reaction cascade in the dark environment. This animation would enable the students to visualize different cell types and protein structures; thus, enhancing students' learning of the visual pathway.

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Computer animation--Technique; Eye--Anatomy; Eye--Physiology; Visual perception

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Medical Illustration(MFA)

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Medical Illustration (CHST)


James Perkins

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Craig Foster

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Mark D. Fairchild


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