The Original Rider-Waite tarot deck has since been reimagined through numerous tarot decks with the intention of modernization and implementing personal interpretations. Through varying versions of the monumentally historical deck, the Major Arcana, a vital part of the traditional tarot deck, has transformed meaning through replacements and substitutions of visual design elements. Existing modern adaptations of the Original Rider-Waite deck have not addressed race and gender perspectives native to the original deck. I recreated the Major Arcana twice, with both groups of cards tailored towards the same user group with ease, learning, traditional meanings, and experience in mind. After creating both groups I did a side-by-side comparison of strengths and weaknesses, deciding on a more streamlined and simple approach including intentional symbols, typography, texture, color, and imagery. Both groups were derived from an analysis of the original deck with the goal of keeping its integrity, reducing prejudice and stereotypes, and increasing the roles of astrology and numerology. The user group was the same for both Major Arcana groups- novices to professional tarot card readers, ages 16+, who are interested and willing to learn traditional tarot practices.

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