In the current time with the continuously increasing population in the world generally and in big cities like Dubai particularly, many problems arise related to traffic and transportation. Due to covid-19 virus spread pandemic, WHO is submitting different regulations and recommendation for the need of social distancing along with avoiding any activities that might increase the possibility of the virus spread and minimize the number of infected people to save more lives. The need for decreasing the usage of the public transportation in Dubai have created parking issues in the city, streets, and buildings. One of the preferred solutions by people to overcome the long searching time for a parking lot and to reduce the fuel usage is to use the valet parking service in different city buildings, but many of them now are scared to allow strangers to use their car in the valet service. In this regard, the idea has emerged of having a smart parking reservation system that is connected with the RTA and the traffic police. The system consists of a hardware part implemented in the parking lot, and a software part where the user can search for a vacant parking spot and reserve it with in-advance payment using his/her smart phone.

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Master's Project

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Professional Studies - City Sciences (MS)

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Graduate Programs & Research (Dubai)


Sanjay Modak

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Ehsan Warriach


RIT Dubai