The project’s main objective is to study and assess the current situation and future setup of implementing smart solutions technologies, and the main challenges facing the growth in Dubai in general and the Hor Al Anz neighborhood in Dubai in particular. The expected results and outcomes of this study are illustrated in this research report. The project report consists of 5 parts. Part 1 covers the implemented initiatives and presents the problem statement and the historical background of the case study area by showing why did I select the Hor Al Anz neighborhood in Dubai (Figure 1 below). The purpose of the study is to understand and highlight the challenges that are facing people and identify the problems to try to find smart solutions for the neighborhoods and indicate the project definition and goals to be achieved by using strategic approaches and smart, sustainable targets. Part 2 provides an overview of the literature review and what other similar work has been done in the same areas even in the UAE or in other countries. Part 3 presents the methodology which contains the description of all the phases informing the research. Part 4 presents the Project Analysis which contains (General tours, Secondary data, Similar Solutions, Decision Making, and Expected Results/ project Deliverables). Part 5 presents the conclusion and a set of recommendations based on the review of all the above points for effective ways intended to go about solving the problem and the data analytics tools which will be used to offer people’s needs and expectations.

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Master's Project

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Sanjay Modak

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