In this project, future smart solutions for people of determination in schools and universities were discussed. The background was presented on the topic, as the issue of integrating people of determination in schools and then integrating them into society still takes a wide range of societal, family, and institutional attention, and it undoubtedly deserves much attention that befits this dear group in our society. The literature has shown the existence of previous studies and applications similar to those proposed in the project, which sought within the framework of this advanced vision to enable "people of determination" to provide quality services that meet their healthcare and rehabilitation requirements, and to provide an educational and educational system that ensures their full integration into society, and ensures their access to the same opportunities of education as their peers in various educational institutions, qualifying them to obtain employment opportunities appropriate to their potential (Augusto, Kramer, Alegre, Covaci, & Santokhee, 2018). The methods related for gathering information and data collection for this study will include a three-step approach wherein the first step is to design a set of structured open-ended questions that are answered from previous experience, knowledge gathered during field visits to schools and universities that the researchers (we) undertook of during the graduation years. The second step involves situation analyses of the general map of a public school in UAE followed by a design of a new map that contains the layout of a smart center for people of determination and is to be placed within the school premises along with a budget plan for the new ICT lab specifically for the people of determination. Then the third step is the analysis of data using SPSS. The result of this project will show the level of awareness of the UAE educational institutions and its staff in using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the gap that exists in the UAE education process in the information technology context. It will represent the real situation that the people of determination live in their academic life, this attempt to enhance it. The importance of ICT lies in its ability to open a wide range of services, transform existing services, and create greater demand for access to information and knowledge, particularly in underserved and excluded populations, such as persons with disabilities. The ICT opportunity for persons with disabilities can be better assessed by analyzing how each type of access technology contributes to the different dimensions involved in the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities (Lawrence,2004). The main benefit that this project would generate is to increase the teachers’ and principals’ awareness of the new technologies, devices. Such as e-Braille, smart elevators programmed with face ID, and virtual assistants (Blindness students). Robots to enhance communication for people with autism. The application between the guardian of the people of determination and the teacher to follow up everything related to behavior, degree, and development. A smart wheelchair that contains emergency buttons connected to the nurse and administration. Methods that can be used in the educational process will direct the people of determination and the normal students as well. These questions provide several suggestions to be used in the educational institution. Without conducting this project, the educational institutions, principals, and teachers will not know the state of the art in modern methods and tools that can be indulged in used to enhance its education system remains lagging behind the other countries if they don’t think of improving their systems using these suggestions and ideas that we generated from our literature review.

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