Plastic pollution is affecting negatively on the environment, it affects trees, animals, marine life, and even humans. One of the most common plastic types is plastic bags, it is widely spread due its special characteristics such as light weigh, and cheap price. In Dubai City, plastic bags are widely used especially in the supermarkets, with the increase in the population of Dubai, the number of plastic bags will increase and the impacts will be more appearance. Dubai City is a leading city in the region for its ability to change and adapt with new strategies that serves the citizen and the environment as a whole. In this project, plastic bags issue in Dubai will be studied and analyzed, beside suggesting a possible solution for this problem. The research will focus on the size of the problem and how it is affecting the environment from different aspects. Moreover, the study will use a descriptive analysis to provide a deep look at the problem. Furthermore, a secondary study will be used to help with supporting the solution. The suggested solution in this study is using reverse vending machines (RVM) in one of the biggest supermarkets in Dubai, which is Union-Coop supermarket. The research focuses on a solution that matches the vision of Dubai, towards utilizing and harnessing the technology to make citizens life easier, and save the environment from misuse of resources.

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Master's Project

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Sanjay Modak

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Khalil Al Hussaeni


RIT Dubai