With the improvement of living standards and the construction of public transportation, many people travel more frequently. They want to record those experiences and get more enlightenment when they look back upon the memory. Additionally, many people have eagerly requested to share their travel experiences due to the development of social media and the information explosion era. Less than a decade ago, people would travel without a smart device. They tended to take photos along the way with a film camera, and stick them on a physical photo album to share with friends and family. The other traditional method of documenting the journey includes keeping a paper journal, creating a scrapbook, using a sketchbook, and sending postcards home. Those are the epic handmade styles of building a solid connection between owners and their traveling memory, but hard to survive from heavy-duty trips and future preservation. After I deep dive into the problem area, I found out that nowadays, people are willing to record digitally by using phone notes, becoming vloggers and bloggers, posting photos on Instagram, and making Tiktok Videos. However, the fast-paced domestic lifestyle and existing tools can hardly meet people’s demand for systematic documentation of travel events. Therefore, organizing information structurally and visualizing the experience could help them get more pleasure when reflecting on these memories and sharing them with others. My deliverable is designing a mobile-based application that will make travel-record easier and build the emotional connection between users and their travel stories. The document method of this app would be diverse, which includes taking photos, notes, voice memos, mood marks, and footprints.

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Travel; Travel photography; Mobile apps--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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