Princess takes place in a world where eyeballs stretch out of people’s heads like prehensile limbs. The film follows a father, Franklin, who is seen in his home wearing a dress. He covers himself in a long trench coat before leaving the house. As he gets into a cab, Franklin ushers the driver to move quickly, but before too long the cab gets stuck in traffic. This leaves Franklin no choice but to get out and walk. When he exits the cab, his coat gets stuck in the door and rips as he tries to pull it free. The dress is exposed to all the pedestrians on the street whose eyes begin to stretch from their heads. He panics and sprints away, trying to escape from the crowd of eyes that has formed around him. They surround him, and he tries to fight them off. The more they attack the more frustrated he becomes, and he explodes with anger. The slithery jumble of eyes combines together to form a giant monster. Franklin, no longer afraid, charges the monster. He jumps into the air, striking poses that exude confidence and strength. He is no longer ashamed to be seen in the dress. Instead, he is forcing the eyes to look at him causing the monster to explode. Out of the corner of his eye he notices his daughter waiting outside a park with her friend. Both of them are wearing dresses similar in style to his. When she sees him, she’s amazed at how beautiful he looks in the dress. They enter the park which is decorated with balloons, ribbons, and other princess party accoutrement. There are a few moms in dresses at the party as well. Their eyes follow Franklin and his daughter, but he ignores them.

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Animated films--Themes, motives; Animation (Cinematography); Fathers and daughters in motion pictures; Gaze in motion pictures; Cross-dressing in motion pictures

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