Background: Sport related concussion diagnosis can often be challenging as all athletes experience different signs and symptoms and may not have the correct knowledge to be able to identify every possible symptom of a concussion. When a concussion is sustained by an athlete, it is crucial that the injury is handled correctly not only by medical providers, but more importantly by the athlete themselves. Because the most common symptoms being a headache, dizziness, etc., a clinical diagnosis is highly dependent on the patient self-reporting their own symptoms. It is important for an athlete to be able to recognize a concussion symptom, know the risks of sustaining a concussion and having the appropriate knowledge to be able to report a concussion. This study aims to validate a survey that can be used to test NCAA athlete’s knowledge and perception of concussions. Methods: Twenty-eight questions were prepared following evidence-based research. Questions were removed and adjusted based on experts review Expert responses were analyzed using I-CVI, S-CVI/Ave, S-CVI/UA to determine content validity and a modified kappa was used to determine the probability of chance amongst expert’s answers. Results: Eleven experts were used to score the survey along with 66 student-athletes to complete the survey once it was adjusted based on expert review. One question was removed from the survey entirely and another question was modified. A finalized survey of 27 questions was chosen. The I-CVIs ranged from 0.636 to 1.00, the S-CVI/Ave = 0.93, and the S-CVI/UA = 0.50 was taken as acceptable amongst the 11 experts. Conclusion: We conclude that this questionnaire has met the content validity criteria. However, when items were separated into two groups, knowledge and perception, Cronbach’s alpha deemed both groups had poor inter-relatedness between items.

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College athletes--Attitudes; College athletes--Health and hygiene; Brain--Concussion

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