The project aims to highlight the necessity to improve the Dubai healthcare industry that witnesses limited smart responses during the global pandemic of Covid-19. Mainly by suggesting a solution to overcome problems like nursing staff shortage in Dubai hospitals during Covid-19, which negatively affects the healthcare system's resiliency to a health crisis. The project suggests the smart approach of using robotic nurses to overcome this problem and other issues related to nursing staff, like minimizing direct contact with patients, focusing more on the more complex tasks, leaving more straightforward tasks for robots, and provide the technology that can increase their productivity level and decrease their risk of getting infected. A quantitative approach was used to gain insight into the cost comparison of regular nurses and robotic nurses to examine the financial ability to implement the approach. Based on the findings, robotic nurses can contribute to improving the healthcare industry without causing any financial impediments. Another approach examined the project goals qualitatively by conducting a survey that targets the experts in the field represented by nurses working in Dubai; the survey added a quality to the project and made it easy to understand if the proposed technology is encouraged and needed. The analysis resulted in communicating the difficulty of the experience without technology as an aid. Furthermore, it indicates the willingness of the nurses to work side by side with robotic nurses during a health crisis.

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Master's Project

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Professional Studies - City Sciences (MS)

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Graduate Programs & Research (Dubai)


Sanjay Modak

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Ioannis Karamitsos


RIT Dubai