Urban air mobility is the future of transportation in cities, and Dubai is one of the first cities to announce the use of air mobility models in the city. The air taxi is expected to be operational in 2023. It is announced to be electric and autonomous and will be the first in the region. The overall goal of the study was to prepare the infrastructure to operate the taxi. The problem was that the Dubai authorities have not yet started this phase, while the target date for operation has already been announced. The basic design of the study involved a mixed analysis approach of qualitative and quantitative data to get the best results for the zones and locations of the stations in Dubai, focusing on the city center and connecting both urban and rural areas in Dubai. The project lays the foundation for one of the most important pillars for the operation of the air taxi, which is the infrastructure. The taxi needs a base map of the area with the flight zones of Dubai to guide its movement and suggest the best route for the taxi. The type and location of stations is also important in the initial phase of operation. The next phase will be to prepare the possible routes for the air taxi and the emergency landing site.

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Master's Project

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Professional Studies - City Sciences (MS)

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Sanjay Modak

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RIT Dubai