The principal aim of this Honors project is to analyze the effects of the protective trade measures, by the example of the 100% tariff in Kosovo. The analysis is carried out mainly with respect to three dimensions: price of goods and consumption, volume of trade, and new trade patterns; with the purpose of deriving lessons for the development of future trade policies in Kosovo. The research methodology for this study includes a combination of primary and secondary data. In line with the goal of providing an in-depth analysis on the impact of the 100% tariff on trade and Kosovo’s economic performance, the secondary data attained through literature review was coupled with primary data, namely semi-structured interviews. Consequently, the evidence collected displays a lack of positive ‘protectionist’ measure by the tariff, and a myriad of new-arising problems due to the tariff.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj

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Mrika Kotorri

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Kamal Shahrabi


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