This research was conducted to unravel the factors that need to be taken into consideration when drafting a policy for the inclusion of children in Kosovo’s education from grades K – 12. A literature review of existing materials on the history, general information, the legal perspective, the educational perspective, and the socio-cultural perspectives, on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is presented. Moreover, the results of primary data gathered from 13 interviews spanning across the aforementioned fields (policy, education, society/culture) have been collected. This data has been analyzed using the knowledge, attitude, practice (KPA) approach. KPA has been applied to, among others, legal frameworks, existing policies, Special Education Class (SEC) functionality, socio-cultural perspectives. Finally, current problems and implications for stakeholders in these fields were examined. After the results were analyzed, this research has shown that effective policy cannot be made if significant improvements are not made in these fields. Funding should be provided to schools and organizations that deal with ASD; awareness should be raised through campaigns and community outreach; support should be provided for families dealing with ASD through different activities.

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