Watching any digital content without audio is going to be monotonous, as one vital component of cinema is lost entirely. Removing audio will significantly affect cinematic experience and make movie-watching extremely boring for someone who cannot hear. Audio, in a movie, is comprised of dialogs, music and background sounds. One must realize that removing audio would take away, not just sound but also emotions attached to scenes. At times there might be only background score, which does not necessarily mean that these scenes are unimportant. There are obviously instances where music alone would get across the message. This thesis explores new ways of incorporating simple design principles that can help communicate emotion, context, and sound using just overlaid dynamic visuals. It is to be acknowledged that there is merely nothing more powerful than using a visual language as a tool to communicate a message. The amount of information that can be assimilated through a visual is extraordinary. But it raises ambiguity since visual language can be extremely subjective and open to interpretation. This project also demonstrates the use of existing design techniques to overcome the problem of subjectivity that arises due to an exaggerated visual filter. Introducing a unified visual language and developing a layered visual filter could be a great solution to give the viewer an opportunity to precisely comprehend scenes in a movie without audio. The objective was to create a visual that can serve as an alternative to audio for any recorded content, ranging from movies to real-time videos. This project was originally created for enhancing movie experience, but obviously has a lot of other useful applications as the visual language itself is very versatile

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Video recordings for the hearing impaired--Design; Visual communication

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Adam Smith


RIT – Main Campus

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