Over the last decade, modern transportation systems have evolved to a considerably larger scope and higher complexity, brought by a wave of innovation in technologies and a revolutionary shift in how mobility is perceived and realized – giving rise to a strong orientation towards services. This thesis imagines a time when cars can drive fully autonomous. Drivers no longer need to drive. So, what else can we offer passengers during the time when they are sitting in the car? The purpose of this project is to introduce a concept of mainly using Augmented Reality and AI recognition to create a virtual tour guide in autonomous cars that will provide educational knowledge and immediate assistance through AR windshields and side windows. Imagine a time when you are sitting in an autonomous car, and you get to know your surroundings through AR windshield and side windows. People can now explore the world as if a real tour guide is always around.

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Augmented reality--Design; Automated vehicles--Interactive multimedia--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Mike Strobert


RIT – Main Campus

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