Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is a quickly evolving field, from basic research to next-generation, deployable technology. Its development is catalyzed by the inherent scalability and efficient packaging provided by working in silicon nanophotonics. The Hong-Ou- Mandel (HOM) effect is a versatile quantum photonic tool used in a wide variety of applications throughout QIP. In this thesis we examine new types of circuits using linear arrays of Micro- Ring Resonators (MRRs) to enhance the attainability of the HOM effect. We propose three new devices: a circuit exhibiting robust expansion to the HOM effect using small series of identical MRRs, a HOM filter using larger chains of identical MRRs, and two-photon HOM-based entanglement switches using linear arrays of non-identical MRRs. We describe the modes of operation of these new devices and introduce metrics to characterize them, informing design and fabrication requirements so that these advancements can be realized in practical experiments. We also present our recent proposal for a direct interferometric test for the function of probabilistic photonic quantum gates, and we apply this test to the Nonlinear Phase-Shift Gate (NLPSG), an essential piece of a probabilistic Knill-Laflamme-Milburn Controlled-NOT (KLM CNOT) gate for universal linear optical quantum computing.

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Quantum computing; Quantum optics; Nanophotonics

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Physics (MS)

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School of Physics and Astronomy (COS)


Paul Alsing

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Mishkatul Bhattacharya


RIT – Main Campus

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