In modern society, people spend much time watching videos to meet their emotional and social needs. Movies and TV shows increasingly contain violence and sexuality to catch the eye. In addition to this trend, the current age-based rating becomes more and more lenient than the one in the past. As a result, the content rating system does not provide a clear standard about the level of graphic intensity anymore. This situation prevents a particular group of viewers from fully enjoying the video contents: parents and highly sensitive people. Whenever these two groups watch movies or live TV, they need to be careful about undesirable videos or scenes to stay safe. The Scene is an interactive video scene controller and informational community for those who feel uncomfortable about specific scenes. It provides clear standards on rating issues by using categorized and visualized symbols. Besides, the viewers can skip or hide unpleasant scenes with filters function in real-time or in advance. The Scene also functions as an informational community where the user can get useful information and share their thoughts about the video experience. This application is intended to protect those who are vulnerable to aggressive and suggestive videos and give a right not to expose unwanted images and sounds. For these users’ better experience, it can also be a proposal to the video streaming providers.

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Streaming video--Data processing; Video recordings--Data processing; Motion pictures--Rating; Violence on television; Sex on television

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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