Dillon Curren


The criminal justice system serves in many different ways for people. Sometimes, groups of people are underserved by the criminal justice system and cannot achieve the goals being set up by the criminal justice system to be a watchful guardian who is swift, certain, and fair. The following project will look at the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community (D/HH) and their experiences with the criminal justice system in a series of working papers including a literature review of studies, papers, and documentation of experiences within the system. There are several obstacles between the two communities that causes tension and unfairness for the D/HH community.

The four working papers along with the literature review will highlight the main obstacles and go into depth into the problems, subject understanding, studies, and potential solutions. The four working papers will be broken up into several parts covering the problematic relationship. Lack/Quality of Accessibility, Language or Linguistics Diversity, and The Comprehension of the Miranda Warnings and Their Legal Rights will be the working papers 1-3. The fourth working paper will be a study administered by the author, using a survey to ask college students at the Rochester Institute of Technology on their knowledge of their legal rights along with analysis. It will be broken down into knowledge by the Deaf students and the hearing students.

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Master's Project

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Criminal Justice (MS)

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Department of Criminal Justice (CLA)


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