Within the city of Rochester, gun violence has become something of a common occurrence within local neighborhoods and streets where violent crime continues to flourish. Between 2010 and 2018 the recorded number of shootings that have occurred in the city of Rochester were around 1,679, with around 200 being categorized as fatal shootings (https://data-rpdny.opendata.arcgis.com/). Many of the issues plaguing the Rochester Police Department in addressing the issue of gun violence are due to a misperceived idea of what causes gun violence in the first place and how to go about it without having to waste their resources on ineffective tactics. Much of these incidents have mostly occurred within densely urban neighborhoods where calls for “shots-fired” have become commonplace as guns are used in the majority of homicides (Smith & Cooper, 2013; Braga & Weisburd, 2010). This inability for police to respond in a timely fashion and being able to solve them has also led to most officers being perceived as being unaccountable for preventing further gun violence due to relying on traditional police methods that revolve around “reacting” to crime (Sherman 1998; 2013).

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